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I'm always on the lookout for interesting new locations. If you know of an interesting location in the Northern California area, I'd love to hear about it. If I use it, I'll be happy to pay you a “bounty” in the form of prints. Locations may be either indoor or outdoor.

All locations must be reasonably private and low traffic (after all, we're talking about the shooting of art nudes). In the case of privately owned locations, you must have legitimate access. You must also have the authority to and be prepared to sign a location release.

You can email me at by clicking on the “Email Louis” button at the top of the page.

Specially Seeking:
• Junkyard, railyard or similar industrial environment.
• Outdoor swimming pool (particularly black-bottomed).
• Old barn.

• Traditional Japanese dojo or shoji paneled room.
• Arts & Crafts style interiors.

• Cabin in the woods.
• Shower with glass brick walls or shower with full-length window exterior wall.


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