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Welcome to Louis LaSalle/Fine Art Photography. For me, photographing the male physique is a collaborative process. I have the good fortune to work with models who represent the aesthetic epitome of what the human body can become. They are artists in their own rights, who have through years of hard work and discipline turned their bodies into living sculpture. They are also performance artists who change on command into countless characters of our imaginations.

As with all living things, each according to their gifts.
-- Leonard Nimoy as Spock in “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan”

I approach a photo session as a dialogue between myself and the model. We each bring our own unique contribution of creativity, knowledge and experience to the session. When we share and pool these skills, the dialogue is positive and good work naturally follows. When true rapport is established, then
magic happens!

Talking about art is like dancing about architecture.
-- Steve Martin

When we attempt to describe visual experiences something is inevitably lost in the translation. Nevertheless, we are social animals and we love to talk about everything, including art.

For fine art, I prefer black & white. I find there to be an almost lyrical quality in the play of light and shadow in black & white. Air can glow. Water can become glass or inky blackness. Textures can beg to be touched. But most of all, in our day-to-day world we are constantly bombarded with color and moving imagery. Black & white photography stands out like a candle in the darkness. It calls attention to itself by its simplicity. Somehow for me, emotion flows more freely from a black & white photo.

From here, I’ll let my work speak for itself!




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